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5 Wedding Nails Ideas

Wedding day is the biggest day in people’s lives. Every girl wants to be in perfect look on her wedding day. There are lots of ideas of wedding nails available for you. But the important point is that you should find the one which fit your fingers as well as wedding dresses.

Some ladies prefer the conservative French manicure while others like to try new and innovative ones to dress up their nails. Actually, you should not be confined to few options.

I am here to share5 wedding nail ideas for you and hope you will find your favorites.

1. French Manicure

Time changes, fashion fads but one nails style remains popular: the French Manicure. Since it was introduced decades ago, French styles have never been out of fashion. It enjoys great popularity due to its elegance senses. That is also why French manicure is the top 1 option for wedding occasion. As we know, most of wedding dresses come in white and ivory colors. And traditional French nail styles has pink nails with white tips, which perfectly fit ordinary wedding dresses. Besides traditional pattern, French manicure also takes some changes in developing course. There are also more options for you to select if you insist on such French design.

2. Flower Acrylic Nails

Most girls have great passion about flowers. And if you plan to make flower-theme wedding or your wedding will be held outside surrounded by blooms, why not choose flower acrylic nails. It can offer you a lovely look on nails. And also, if your dresses come in white, ivory or light pink, painting pink or white styles are all good options for wedding occasions.

3. Gem Stones Nails

This type is popular in recent years as gems and rhinestones have great popularity among people. Generally speaking, this design will look fabulous for the gems applied to will make your nails look dazzling and glamorous. If you love bling bling stuff, don’t miss this nail design for your wedding.

4. Hello Kitty Nails

If you are a Hello Kitty lover, you must want to make a Hello Kitty themed wedding party. In such case, Hello Kitty patterns are necessary, which makes your wedding as a whole in theme. The present will be surprised by your creativity. And you will have a good memory about your wedding.

5. Lace Wedding Nails

As we know, there is a close link between lace and wedding dresses. But did you connect lace to wedding nails design? Actually, there are lace wedding art designs. If you choose wedding dresses decorated with lace, why not select lace wedding nails to match with it?

In a word, every pattern has its fabulous part. Finding your favorite is most essential when preparing your wedding dresses. Hope u get some hints here.

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